TypedRest helps you build type-safe, fluent-style REST API clients. Common REST patterns such as collections are represented as classes, allowing you to write more idiomatic code.

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HTTP C# Java

GET /contacts

POST /contacts
  Location: /contacts/1337

GET /contacts/1337

PUT /contacts/1337/note

GET /contacts/1337/note

DELETE /contacts/1337
var client = new MyClient(new Uri("http://example.com/"));

var contactList = await client.Contacts.ReadAllAsync();

var smith = await client.Contacts.CreateAsync(new Contact("Smith"));
//var smith = client.Contacts["1337"];

var contact = await smith.ReadAsync();

await smith.Note.SetAsync(new Note("some note"));

var note = await smith.Note.ReadAsync();

await smith.DeleteAsync();
MyClient client = new MyClient(URI.create("http://example.com/"));

List<Contact> contactList = client.getContacts().readAll();

ContactEndpoint smith = client.getContacts().create(new Contact("Smith"));
//ContactEndpoint smith = client.getContacts().get("1337");

Contact contact = smith.read();

smith.getNote().set(new Note("some note"));

Note note = smith.getNote().read();